We offer long term hosting rather than limited incubation.

what is startup reactor

Startup Reactor is a 6-month program entrepreneurship program aimed at supporting and accelerating startups in Egypt with a high potential to have accelerated growth, Selected Startups will receive mentoring, training, support services, and possibly a monetary investment. In addition to itself being an investment program, the Startup Reactor acts as an experimental investment in these new startups, as well as preparing them to be good quality businesses for further investment during the venture stage. To join, startups apply online, and go through an interview, and can then be selected. The most successful startups in the first stage, called Ignition, then go on to continue in the Startup Reactor. About half-way through the program, the startups pitch to an investment committee for investment, while continuing in the program. More advanced startups coming out of the Ignition stage may also go on to receive venture investment of a larger size right away.

What You Get

Equity Funding

Equity funding for at least 3 startups through Innoventures

Support Services

Company registration and support services such as accounting, legal and branding


Exclusive access and mentorship from some of Egypt’s leading business experts

Office Space

Access to office space, internet, printing facilities and support staff.


5 months intensive training on business and operational skills

Reactor Perks

Accept Payments

Payment Solutions Partner Provider

Microsoft BizSpark

Software and Cloud Services

Botshe Media Production

Media Production

FortyNine Studios

Design and Branding Partner


Exclusive Hiring Partner Provider

The Planet

Marketing and Social Media Partner


Office Space & Co-working Facilities Partner Provider

IT Blocks

Web and App Development Provider


Web & App Development Provider


Technical Consultancy Partner

Startup Galaxy

Startup Directory & Platform


Technical Services & Web Development

The Process

  • Spark

    Spark is a time for inspiration and raising awareness about entrepreneurship in Egypt. It takes the form of an event that includes talks, discussions, and orientation about entrepreneurship, to know more about what it takes to get your business off the ground in Egypt. This phase also has included in the past sessions and discussions held by several programs, and with our partner across different governorates in Egypt. During Spark, applications for Startup Reactor are open on innoventures.me/reactor and entrepreneurs across all industries are invited to apply.

  • Ignition

    Ignition is the take-off phase. 40-50 startups are chosen to attend 4 concentrated sessions and receive intensive mentorship, while Innoventures assesses their business model and team. At the end of Ignition, Startups pitch their businesses in front of Innoventures’ investment committee and a number of select experts from the mentors’ network, Ignition last for 1 month.

  • Plasma

    The first phase of acceleration in the Startup Reactor program, where 10-20 startups are selected in each location to receive the full range of the program benefits which includes mentoring, focused training sessions, co-working space access, legal company registration, one-on-one meetings, assignments and developing the business over the span of 2 months.

  • Fusion

    After selecting the top 5-10 startups in each location, based on a pitch to an Investment Committee, startups will continue to receive the benefits of Plasma, along with more advanced and customized training and mentoring. most of these companies receive an investment from the Innoventures Fund at this time, but there are also startups admitted without investment.

  • Nova

    Nova is Innoventures’ demo day/Startup Reactor cycle finale. It’s a grand event attended by many wellknown investors and other professionals from industry, academia, government, and society. Startups will have the chance to pitch their business for investment and business development purposes. 4 startups will be chosen by a judging panel comprised of experts to receive cash prizes.

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