Startup Reactor has concluded the first phase of the fifth cycle, “Spark” with over 200 participants in the Entrepreneurial awareness workshops. 50 companies were accepted into the second phase of the cycle, Ignition. The second phase, Ignition, is the take-off phase. The selected companies will attend 7 concentrated sessions and receive intensive mentorship, while Innoventures assesses their business model and team. At the end of Ignition, the companies will get the chance to pitch their businesses in front of Innoventures’ Investment Committee and a number of selected experts from Innoventures’ mentors’ network. 10-15 companies will be selected to participate in the third phase of the program, Plasma, which will commence in March of 2018.

“Ignition is a really exciting phase of the Startup Reactor. Ignition allows us to work hand-in-hand with the entrepreneurs at their early stage of development. The energy, passion and commitment levels are so high. These entrepreneurs will positively impact Egypt, which at the end of the day is all we want as the No.1 Credible Investor in Innovation.” – Hesham Wahby, Chief Executive Officer, Innoventures.

The participating companies for the fifth cycle cover a wide range of industries, including healthcare, e-commerce, design, digital media, clean energy, software, hardware and manufacturing. The fifth cycle of Startup Reactor is undertaken in partnership with VC4A, Studio 49, The Planet, and IBM.

About Innoventures:

Innoventures LLC was launched in 2011 as an innovation platform to bring the wealth of original Egyptian ideas to market by providing a platform catering to today’s entrepreneurs in the region. The company caught the attention of the entrepreneurial industry and community when it partnered with Google to design and execute a first of its kind program for Internet startups in Egypt. The program created widespread impact, and provided exposure to a vast network of mentors, investors and entrepreneurs.

About VC4A:

VC4A is a platform for startup funding, dedicated to building game changing companies on the African continent and supporting the growth of Africa’s startup ecosystem. Together with Innoventures LLC, VC4A believes Startup Reactor will be a milepost in building the continent’s entrepreneurship community, expanding its international network.

About Studio 49:

Forty Nine is a Design and Design Management Consultancy focused on the products and ideas that move people, physically and emotionally. Not just ‘buildings, furniture, devices and things; everything today can be designed with Passion, Innovation, and Love.

Ashraf Tawakkol - the founder of Forty Nine - had spent 25+ years leading the many talented designers, engineers, and software developers across different local and regional companies guiding and assisting them to create innovative and inspiring premium products and services, both digital and tangible

About The Planet:

A digital creative agency in Cairo and Dubai, specializing in digital media; design and development of websites, mobile apps, social games, content creation; visual, video, or written form and social media marketing; from strategy and implementation and everything in between.

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