Crowd Analyzer is the first fully-automated Arabic social media monitoring platform. It is based on an analysis algorithm that understands text in terms of relevance, dialect and sentiment. The data is indexed by gender, location and age, and can be used for market surveys, targeted advertising, and alert systems. Crowd Analyzer is filing for 5 patents for its technology, and has received numerous prizes. There are 2 types of revenue streams, a pay-as-you-go information usage model for SMEs and individuals, and a monthly subscription model for larger enterprises and agencies.

Cubii provides automated processing and packaging machinery for small food product factories. There are literally thousands of these factories around Egypt, and they act as the main source of food products such as dairy, canned foods, etc. for most of the inhabitants of Egypt’s villages. These factories rely on manual labor, which creates several problems, primarily hygiene, safety and production inefficiencies. Cubii has already designed and sold a few automated solutions tailored to the needs of some of these factories, at a fraction of the price of equivalent imported machinery. The plan is to focus on a few of these products, manufacture them in-house, and market them on a broader scale. Revenues come from sales of the machinery, and include a margin of around 40%.

Pixlly makes it simple and affordable to create video content online. They’ve picked the best freelancers and producers out there to help the user produce top rated videos and visual content. After the user is matched with creative talent, this powerful collaboration platform makes it easy to communicate with their new team of writers, graphic designers, animators, and video editors. The result is video creation that delivers a message and engages an audience, while saving the user’s time and money.

Tripdizer is offering a unique, hassle-free yet affordable travel experience. Their product is a one stop-shop portal that will provide the user with an interactive and customized platform, along with a travel experts’ advice and recommendations, to book an affordable and ideal trip quickly and comfortably. Looking for flights, hotels, transport or even activities on any trip is made easy with this product – it’s all one click away.

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