Scenario Design Services

Founded in 2004, Scenario Design Services is a consulting company serving the electronics industry worldwide, and specifically focused on integrated circuit (IC) design services and electronic design automation (EDA). The company also develops its own library of electronics modules for licensing to customers. Scenario’s main customers are electronics industry leaders in Europe, North America and East Asia, as well as multinationals’ off-shore design centres located in Egypt. Scenario employs a team of the best electronics design engineers, capitalizing on the world-class expertise of this emerging field in Egypt. The company focuses on in-depth knowledge of critical areas of the IC design flow process, as well as reducing time-to-market and project costs.

Cubii Systems provides automated processing and packaging machinery for small food product factories. There are literally thousands of these factories around Egypt, and they act the main source of food products such as dairy, canned foods, etc. for most of the inhabitants of Egypt’s villages. These factories rely on manual labor, which creates a number of problems, primarily hygiene, safety and production inefficiencies. Cubii has designs and sells automated solutions tailored to the needs of these factories, at a fraction of the price of equivalent imported machinery. Their plan is to market these solutions more broadly, through an awareness campaign, and to eventually bring the production of these solutions in-house.



Knellen is an online gallery and marketplace for art, design, and decorations. It offers artists a platform to display and sell their art, giving them more exposure to the market and the chance to network with other artists. Similarly, it offers consumers interested in buying decorative or functional art the convenience of browsing a wider variety of art from their homes in the price range they need, and have it delivered to them. Revenue primarily comes from a commission on sales, advertisements for organizations and people who want to feature their art in prominent spots on the website, as well as from sessions and seminars to teach and educate about art and handicrafts.

Gaia’s mission is to become a prominent supplier of clean technology products and solutions in Egypt. They are the first company in Egypt to offer efficient and reliable solar energy-based desalination solutions with competitive features and pricing. Gaia’s main product is a compact stand-alone system that provides sufficient drinking water for around 80 persons per day, or all-purpose use water for 7 persons per day. The product is suitable for ships, beach houses and offshore oil rigs. Their business model relies on offering a local and accessible service in Egypt, with plans to expand in the Middle East, as well as diversify into other related technology areas.

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