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Innoventures LLC is looking to hire a Web Developer.

is a full-time position, effective immediately. Salary range is competitive with employers
of professionals in a similar capacity in Egypt, and the role offers a
significant opportunity for accelerated career advancement.

The Web Developer will be responsible for developing, maintaining and
supporting websites for Innoventures and our partners. This will mainly include the following:

  • Developing features and enhancements to websites.
  • Working with an interdisciplinary team to discuss the design of new or existing websites.
  • Planning and maintaining the structure of content.
  • Designing and making changes to website layout.
  • Back-end programming and database work to provide advanced features.
  • Resolving data inconsistency and other issues.
  • Simple graphic design work.

ideal candidate will either be an ambitious fresh graduate, or with up
to 3 years of experience in a relevant capacity. He/she should be passionate about collaborating with entrepreneurs, supporting innovative
ventures, and working in such a creative environment based on

Requirements include the following:

  • Ability to independently manage the complete process of developing a website.
  • Passion for the role, and desire to create top-quality websites.
  • Confidence in working and interacting with clients.
  • Proficiency in the technical skills and tools required for web development.
  • Experience with as many as possible of the following:
    • WordPress and other CMS’ and related plugins, themes, management, etc.
    • Web markup and scripting with HTML, Javascript, XML and CSS
    • Programming with PHP, Perl, Python, Ruby and C++
    • Shell scripting
    • MySQL database management
    • Managing web server and hosting setup
  • Interest and ability to learn new technologies related to web development.
  • Some graphics expertise, a grasp of design and layout principles, and a good artistic sense.
  • Excellent and organized writing skills.
  • Completion of a relevant university-level degree, and fluency in English and Arabic.

If you are interested, please send your resume/CV to: careers@innoventures.me

Please also
include any links that show a sample of your work in developing websites.

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