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Innoventures LLC is looking to hire a Co-working Office Administrator.

This is a full-time position, effective immediately. Salary range is competitive with employers of professionals in a similar capacity in Egypt, and the role offers a significant opportunity for accelerated career advancement.


The Administrator will be responsible for managing the office facilities, documentation, events, and operation on a day-to-day basis, with a special interest in fulfilling the needs of the individuals and organizations using the space, and building a creative and collaborative community and culture.

Ideaspace, which is the innovation space that the Administrator will support, is one of the coolest places for start-ups and innovators in Egypt! We provide a professional working space for hosting and supporting entrepreneurs and other game changers, with world-class business, technology and creative ideas. It also offers facilities for developing products and running events and activities that enable innovation to develop and grow.

The Office Administrator will have the following job responsibilities:

  • Managing day-to-day operation of a complete office in an organized manner.
  • Developing structures, processes, policies and systems for improving the operations.
  • Professional writing for reports, proposals, letters, emails, and other communications.
  • Confidently managing office and facilities staff, and other external service providers.
  • Being present at the office in a punctual manner at official working hours.
  • Receiving calls and correspondence on behalf of office users.
  • Developing a friendly and collaborative environment.
  • Planning for events and other activities, and managing their execution.


The ideal candidate will either be an ambitious fresh graduate, or with up to 3 years of experience in a relevant capacity. He/she will also ideally be passionate about creating such an inspiring platform for entrepreneurs and developers, supporting innovative ventures, working in such a creative environment based on self-motivation, and will enjoy building and growing something from scratch.

Requirements include the following:

  • Passion for the role, and desire to support creative teams and individuals.
  • Reliable personality with a self-starter attitude.
  • Social intelligence, open-mindedness, energetic personality and flexibility.
  • Eagerness to learn, acquire skills, and become familiar with cutting-edge ideas.
  • Discipline and organization to keep track of lots of details and maintain smooth operations.
  • Excellent and organized writing and communication skills.
  • Completion of a relevant university-level degree is preferred, but smart and professional high-school graduates or diploma holders will also be considered.
  • The ability to work independently, handle structured tasks, and take on responsibility.
  • Competence and familiarity in using a computer and software tools to work efficiently.
  • Fluency in English and Arabic.

If you are interested, please send your resume/CV to: careers@innoventures.me

Please also include a sample of your professional writing. This may include any technical/professional report that you have done in the past as part of your studies or work, and/or an article, blog, or similar non-fiction writing piece.

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